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Get a deluxe studio experience en plein air with our most fully featured easel ever.

At 7 pounds 2 ounces light, the Soltek Ultra is nearly 30% lighter than the original Soltek Easel but still has more tricks up its sleeves.

Despite losing weight and adding features, the Soltek Ultra still holds all you need but talent.

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Soltek Ultra: Get a deluxe studio experience en plein air with our most fully featured easel ever. Smaller, simpler, 3 pounds lighter and more comfortable to use for most artists than the original Soltek, the Soltek Ultra still holds all you need but talent.

Our most versatile Soltek ever.


  • Soltek Easel Ultra Box
  • Soltek Easel 2.0 Tripod
  • Polymer Oil / Acrylic Palette
  • 2 Hex Wrenches for Friction Adjustments
  • Portable Container for Mineral Spirits


Benefits of Soltek Ultra:

  • Unfold box wings for a massive 2.5-foot wide worktable that can double as palette space
  • Or use only the provided palette to keep the easel clean and leave the trays for holding gear
  • Wings have 7 rounded notches apiece to keep brushes separated without rolling around
  • Larger easel box so you can pack everything you need
  • Bigger palette so you have more space to mix
  • 60% more storage space compared to the Soltek Compact so you paint more prepared
  • Built-in divider lets you keep your paints and brushes etc. separated for easy organization
  • Thicker aircraft-grade aluminum for a premium plein-air experience

Benefits of the Soltek 2.0 line over the original Soltek:

  • Nearly 30% lighter and much more compact than the original Soltek while providing more space for paints and only slightly less space for brushes
  • Want to pack really light? Leave the box at home and just take the easel at under 4 pounds
  • Box slides on in moments
  • Automatic locks on folding trays keep your box closed when you want it closed and feature an easy one-touch release to open
  • Leg length adjusted from the top for easy touch adjustments
  • Each leg can be locked at 4 different angles for maximum versatility and utility
  • Adjustment mechanisms at top of leg make for quicker, easier adjustments
  • Even wider stance possible with leg angle adjustments for even more wind resistance
  • Sand, swamp and water resistant so you can paint wherever you want without compromises
  • Crossbars stronger in every way
  • Painting holders now feature a conical design which keep paint on the painting, not the holders
  • Crossbars no longer collect paint as they disappear behind your masterpiece entirely
  • 40% shorter reach to painting so you can paint more comfortably. The distance from the front of the box to the painting post is now only 10 inches compared to 17 inches on the original Soltek
  • Mountain-goat like grip with special rubber feet

Technical Specs:

(Specs subject to change at any time)

  • At only 7 pounds 2 ounces, the Soltek Ultra is nearly 30% lighter than the original Soltek Easel (Box, easel & palette)
  • Easel only weighs 3 pounds 14 ounces
  • Box with included palette weighs 3 pounds 4 ounces
  • Box size: 8.75 x 15.75” x 2.25”
  • Box material: Powder-coated aircraft aluminum
  • Carbon fiber parts and polymer parts for high quality and low weight
  • Legs auto-lock at any length with patented technology when in use position
  • Painting arm touch adjustable to any angle, including flat for watercolorists
  • Wind resistant with wide stance
  • Water and swamp resistant
  • Sand resistant with inverted legs to keep the important parts high
  • 2.5 linear feet of table / mixing space when open
  • Sets up in only 20 seconds
  • Enough interior space for brushes, paper towels, palette knives, paint tubes, paint thinner & more
  • Designed so completely hidden crossbar doesn’t get paint on it
  • Fits easily in larger regulation carry-on bags
  • Built-in palette custom fit to the Ultra box for Oil / Acrylic painting
  • Box slides on and locks in place with friction
  • Holds up to a 30” high canvas
  • Polymer palette color a nice medium gray acrylic for easy, accurate mixing

Product specifications and prices subject to change at any time.

Introductory Price:

The price may rise due to supplier price increases when we sell through our first run, which we anticipate will happen quickly.


Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 6 in

2 reviews for Soltek Ultra

  1. Pierre Bouret and Jeni Prince

    I painted a couple days ago with Jim and got to see the easel in action. I really liked how this easel looked, set up, its light weight, the new leg system and its versatility. It is a major upgrade from the older model. I have used the V1 Soltek easel for quite a number of years and loved it. Now, I am going to upgrade to the new V2 model. Thanks Jim for coming to Hanalei to show me this beauty.

  2. Tracy Downing McDermott

    This is the Rolls-Royce of easels. I used a Soltek years ago when a friend who had two loaned me one of hers. I really enjoyed using the original and was anxious to buy one, only to discover I had to wait quite awhile for the new design to be available. It was well worth the wait!

    I love how this setup functions and it’s obvious that it was designed by a plein air painter. It’s light but not too small. It’s fast to set up and tear down. It’s Sturdy. It’s easy to clean and keep clean. It has much more mixing space than my now-retired Sienna pochade. And it’s a century more advanced than my hulky old french easel.

    Truly, I cannot find enough adjectives, exclamation points or emojis to express my love for this sleek new hot-rod in my plein air backpack. I wish every painter I know could have a Soltek easel. If I win the lottery some day, they will. 🙂

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