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The original Soltek redefines versatility, strength, and portability in a plein air easel. Click to find out why this easel stands out in a crowd.

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At a maximum of 4.5 inches taller than the original Soltek, the Soltek Pro is ideal for taller artists or those that often paint on uneven ground.


When You Can't Paint Out

"Canvassing the West: The Paintings of Jim Wilcox" (Hard Cover, 192 pgs.): $95

With nearly 200 color reproductions of Wilcox’s work, “Canvassing the West” exhibits his variety in subject matter, from sweeping vistas to intimate shorelines, along with plenty of his favorite Teton scenes. This long-overdue compilation of Wilcox’s work is a needed tribute to the career of one of the West’s most inspired and inspiring landscape artists. Order now to enjoy this wonderful compilation for yourself.

When You Can't Paint Out

"When You Can't Paint Out"
Jim Wilcox Instructional DVD (3 Hrs): $95

Jim Wilcox has taught successful workshops for more than 20 years. His DVDs are like workshops in a box. In this DVD Wilcox focuses in on studio painting from photographs. He covers in depth the do's and don'ts of working from reference materials while he paints a 20 x 30 snow scene which was a study for a painting that went on to win two awards from the Western Rendezvous of Art.

Painting from the Outside In

"Painting from the Outside In"
Jim Wilcox Instructional DVD (4 Hrs): $125

Jim Wilcox has taught successful workshops for more than 20 years. His DVDs are like workshops in a box. This DVD follows Wilcox to String Lake in Grand Teton National Park where he paints a 20" x 16" on location. After painting the location piece, Wilcox returns to his studio to enlarge the painting to a 40" x 30", thus covering important aspects of both plein air and studio painting.

The Artist's Book of Excuses"The Artist's Book of Excuses (and How Not to Need Them)" by Jim and Narda Wilcox : $15.95

This book is a cleverly illustrated laugh-out-loud funny book that teaches some tried-and-true principles along the way. Written by landscape artist Jim Wilcox and his wife, Narda, and illustrated by John Potter, this look on the light side of excuses artists make is a great gift for any artist on your list.


Composition of Outdoor Painting

"Composition of Outdoor Painting"
by Edgar Payne (Hardcover, 170 pgs.): $48

A must-have for any landscape painter, Edgar Payne's classic and hard to find book on plein air landscape painting comes highly recommended from artists the world over.

Carlson's Guide to Landsape Painting

"Carlson's Guide to Landsape Painting"
by John F. Carlson (144 pgs.): $9.95

Carlson's Guide is one of the definitive works for landscape painters. It is a painter's bible to constantly remind you of painting composition and other rules of thumb.


The Drawings of Edgar Payne: 1883-1947

"The Drawings of Edgar Payne: 1883-1947"
by Edgar Payne (Hardcover, 116 pgs.): $35

Edgar Payne's work is an inspiration in any form, and this book is no exception. It is a collection of illustrative drawings and pages from his notebook, delving deeper into one of America's most celebrated painter's repertoire. Examining how he made his preliminary drawings, studies and sketches can help any artist improve, especially in the early stages of their artwork.

Inspiration for Every Artist

Inspiration for Every Artist
by Harley Brown (Hardcover, 128 pgs.): $25

This is Harley's third book. His first two have sold out every edition they have printed. Harley took a clever detour for this book and arranged tidbits of useful advice in lists for any artist in his always-humorous way. Harley's dynamic teaching abilities consistently come across in his books, and this brand new book is sure to be a collector's item in no time.


Your Brush with Nature"Your Brush with Nature: A Painting Guide for Everyone" by Heiner Hertling: $24.95

Based on the PBS original series of the same name, this instructional book has useful advice for anyone starting into painting.

Spirit of the Wild Things

"Spirit of the Wild Things"
by Sandy Scott (Hardcover, 190 pgs.): $60

Sandy Scott has made a name for herself in wildlife bronze. Her beautiful coffee table book takes a look at her career's evolution and shows just how far Sandy has come. Chock full of anecdotes and stories about Sandy's evolution as an artist. With hundreds of photographs, this book is a great addition to any bronze collector or aspiring bronze artist's bookshelf.


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