"Spirit of the Wild Things"
by Sandy Scott (Hardcover, 190 pgs.): $60

Sandy Scott has made a name for herself in wildlife bronze. Her beautiful coffee table book takes a look at her career's evolution and shows just how far Sandy has come. With hundreds of photographs, this book is a great addition to any bronze artist or collector's bookshelf.

From inside jacket:
"Spirit of the Wild Things" documents an important juncture in the career of Sandy Scott. A widely admired etcher of sporting scenes in the 1970s, Scott turned to sculpting in the early 1980s, focusing primarily on birds. Nearly two decades later, she has matured technically and artistically...

"In this lavishly illustrated treasury of sculptures and etchings, words and pictures intertwine to reveal both the substance and the style of a sculptor who lives the life she depicts... Susan Hallsten McGarry discusses the evolution of Scott's art over her career, introduces you to her studio and working methods and explores how her art brings the spirit of the wilderness into our civilized lives.

"Designed with highest-possible standards, including a wealth of specially commissioned color plates and black-and-white photos, this book is meant to be savored and cherished. At its heart are Scott's own thoughts and musings, compiled over 20 years...

"Blending science with beauty, Scott reveals insights she has garnered from years of teaching others the mechanics of sculpting birds."



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