Carries up to six wet panels:

RayMar 12" x 16" Wet Panel Carrier: $31.95

This corrugated plastic wet panel carrier from RayMar can hold up to six wet panels, including 12" x 16" or 9" x 12". This carrier is lightweight, waterproof, and strong, making it great for workshops or plein air painting sessions. An 11" x 14" adapter is also available for this size to make it capable of holding even more sizes.

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Adapter allows 12" x 16" carrier to hold 11" x 14" panels, too:

RayMar 11" x 14" Adapter for 12" x 16" Panel Carrier: $5.25

If you use 11" x 14" canvases for plein-air painting, this adapter is a great choice. For use with the RayMar 12" x 16" wet panel carrier, this clever adapter makes it possible for your carrier to hold 11 x 14s in the already-versatile carrier. The 12" x 16" carrier coupled with this adapter is the ideal combo for those who use various panel sizes on location.

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