"The Drawings of Edgar Payne 1883-1947"
by Edgar Payne (Hardcover, 116 pp.): $35

Edgar Payne's work is an inspiration in any form, and this book is no exception. It is a collection of illustrative drawings and pages from his notebook.

From the intro by Jean Stern, Executive Director of The Irvine Museum

"All visual art is based on drawing. Before artists can unserstand color and space, they must be skilled at drawing. In a traditional art school of the past century, students began their studies by taking a series of classes in black and white drawing for the first two or three years. The process would begin with drawing simple geometric shapes in various lighting situations. In this manner, the student would master modeling, that is to say, the proper rendition of volume and shape in a three-dimensional space."

In short, studying how an experienced master like Payne drew can help any artist improve.



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