"Composition of Outdoor Painting"
by Edgar Payne (Hardcover, 170 pgs.): $48

A must-have for any landscape painter, Edgar Payne's classic and hard to find book on plein air landscape painting comes highly recommended from artists the world over.

As described by Edgar Payne himself in the preface
"The ramifications of Art and its factors are so exhaustive that the author might easily find himself discussing the subject endlessly, and with tireless pleasure, as he explored its maze of byways and vistas with ever-freshening interest.

"However, "Composition of Outdoor Painting" was not presented as a treatise on Art, but is rather a short and concise handbook on the essentials of outdoor painting for the practical student.

"The principles applied are of course as fundamental as Creation. My job was simply to formulate by word, sketch and diagram these principles for the aspiring outdoor painter."



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