"Your Brush with Nature: A Painting Guide for Everyone"
by Heiner Hertling (Hardcover, 49 pp.): $24.95

From back cover:
"Heiner Hertling, PBS host of "Your Brush with Nature," shares his painting secrets in this lighthearted, easy-to-follow book. From art students to teachers, beginners to pros, Heiner guides readers and gives them the tools and confidence needed to awaken their creative talents. Heiner's goal is to help artists of all levels enjoy painting as much as he does."

From inside jacket:
"To create a painting is both a joy and a challenge. It is an experience that artist and sculptor, Heiner Hertling, wants to share with you. He will take you through the process with this informative and entertaining book.

"Painting techniques, methods and tools used by Heiner to create his delightful images are explained in a clear and simple manner. Step-by-step demonstrations will answer questions about design, color mixing, brush strokes and more."



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